Sectors we serve

At CAPS, we have the necessary experience to help large and small UK businesses alike determine their eligibility for such tax relief. Some of the industries we support include:


The very definition of engineering is the improvement of already existing parts, means of communication, and combinations of new and old technologies. In order to qualify for R&D tax credits, a firm must demonstrate that it is actively pursuing technological progress via the elimination of technical uncertainty. In many engineering departments, this essentially sums up what they do. So, why aren't more businesses today making use of the engineering R&D tax credit they're entitled to?



Software Development

Rapid change and constant adaptation in the IT sector should come as no surprise. Many programmers see these modifications as part of their daily grind. However, many of these modifications fit the criteria for R&D tax credits in software development. We were able to determine which projects were eligible for aid after preliminary consultations with customers.


There are a wide variety of specializations within the healthcare business. All advances in medicine may be traced back to scientific inquiry and the subsequent implementation of discoveries. Tax credits for medical R&D can be claimed in many cases when certain actions are taken.