Grants for Research and Development in Software, Methods to Improve Your Program

Keeping up with the needs of the digital era, the UK software business is always in motion. However, research and development tax credits are often overlooked by software developers. The UK government provides these subsidies to encourage innovation and help businesses cover the high expenses of creating new software.


How likely are R&D tax credits for your software company?

There are a number of reasons why the software industry is eligible for R&D tax credits:
  • Creating and integrating new programs with current internal infrastructure.
  • The advancements achieved by independent software developers necessitate fundamental technical improvements.
  • Developing one's own custom CRM system in-house.
  • Creating complex web-based solutions for business integration and extended functionality.
  • Development of online monetary transaction communication systems.
  • Making systems for keeping tabs on information.
  • Facilitating the recording of animation by creating protocols and procedures.
  • System enhancements made possible via architectural research.

Remember that you can qualify for software development R&D tax credits even though other firms create software to solve the same business problems.

HMRC has additional software relief guidelines. Due to this difficulty, many firms fail to collect their well-deserved software development R&D tax credits. It also explains why accountants avoid learning their clients' software development techniques.

Looking for R&D Tax Relief Claiming Assistance?

It can be difficult to distinguish between regular development and activities that qualify for R&D tax credits, which is especially true in the software business. Our staff is dedicated to assisting you in determining whether software development R&D projects are eligible for tax credits and relief. Your creative efforts deserve recognition, and it's our job to ensure you get the credit you're due.